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flower logo FOOT & HANDS CARE

Reflexology (Foot or Hands)

An application of pressure to the reflex points on the feet and hands to restore energy flow through the body

30 min$40
45 min$55
60 min$70

Orange Foot Peel

Gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells for smoother feet. You can see the result in 20 minutes!

20 min$30

Foot Detox

Detoxify and cleanse your body at a cellular level with an ionized foot bath.

Single service$45
Service of 5$175
Service of 10$300

flower logoFACE & SCALP CARE

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage can decrease stress and boost your mood, stimulating blood flow to and from the skin.

30 min$40
45 min$55
60 min$70

Face Massage

Neck and shoulders, scalp, face with mask

60 min$85